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Try Farmer's Digital Platform which shows the real situation on the field and allows to increasing productivity. The platform has been made by the Institute of Precision Agriculture.
How we can help you?
The use of high-precision electronic maps of fields of various contents can significantly increase the efficiency of modern agricultural machines.
Integrated high-tech agricultural management system increases the economic efficiency of agriculture.
Unmanned aircraft is capable of carrying out different tasks from creating cartographic materials up to applying fertilizers and plant protection products.
Weather stations allow integrating actual and accurate weather information into the enterprise information system.
The use of IoT sensors in agriculture is an important step towards creating an intelligent farm
Agrochemical soil analysis allows to optimize the calculation of fertilizer application rates for the planned yield and other features of agriculture.
Modern on-board computers installed on agricultural machinery can control both the application rate of seeds and document the quantity and quality of the crop.
The use of trichograms for pest control is efficient and completely harmless to humans and the environment.
Proper choice of a fertilizer system and high-quality application is the key to a heavy yield.
Modern software for agricultural enterprises should cover a wide range of areas: agronomy, management, economics, cartography, biology, technology, communications, sensors, neural networks and artificial intelligence.
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